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2022-12 St. Anthony Staff Updates

St. Anthony’s Hospital Foundation Update
Dr. Naji and Dr. Ghanbari have announced that they will be leaving Esterhazy in
early 2023. We are saddened to see them leave. St. Anthony’s Foundation is working
with Saskatchewan Health in an attempt to address some of the issues for doctors
working in rural Saskatchewan. The patient load and emergency calls make Esterhazy
a particularly challenging place for doctors to work. There are 30,000 plus clinic
appointments in a year plus emergency and Care Home calls.
We anticipate that another doctor will arrive in Esterhazy in mid-February upon
completion of the SIPPA program. While this will leave the clinic short one doctor for a
period of time, the Foundation is hopeful that another SIPPA doctor will arrive in June or
Our three new CXLTs (lab techs) have completed their orientation at St.
Anthony’s and are now able to cover evenings and weekends so bypasses caused by a
shortage of X-Ray/lab coverage is hopefully behind us.

2021 Charity Golf Donations

Lab Intergration System $125,000 
ECG Machine $17,000
Lab Microscope $13,000
Blood Pressure Machines $6,800
Otoscopes $2,060
Digital Blood pres. device $2,035
Doppler $1,150
Stethoscopes $275
Otoclear Spray wash kit/tips $175

2021-06 Esterhazy & District Annual Charity Golf Classic
June 2021
We wanted to proceed with Charity Golf in 2021 but we need to error on the side of caution and ensure that we are not putting people at risk. The Charity Golf event will not proceed until 2022.
St. Anthony’s hospital and the Care Home need help funding capital projects in 2021.
The Saskatchewan government normally funds some capital projects each year through the Saskatchewan Health Authority however, so far, there is no funding for capital projects from the SHA. The cost of fighting Covid is the focus of the government.
Last year, in 2020, we asked for assistance in funding a laboratory information system so that all lab results are immediately accessible for you, your family doctor and your specialists. The estimated cost is approximately $150,000. Last year the net profit of Charity Golf was $135,000. Thank You. We are hoping for project completion in the next few months. There are a number of hospitals like ours wanting to implement the LIS system. The reason our project will be done is that we paid for it with your help.
There are important projects for the hospital and Care Home in 2021 and Charity Golf is hoping to be able to provide funding for these projects.
Care Home:
New Bath Tub $30,000
Reverse Osmosis water for residents $17,000
ECG Machine $19,000
New X-ray (estimated required in 23/24) $500,000
As we wait for an announcement from the government to build a new hospital and care home facility, we focus on projects that can be transferred to the new facility to make efficient use of capital. When the new facility is built, we are responsible for 100% of the furniture, fixtures and equipment. This cost is estimated at $3,000,000. A new X-ray falls into this category.
If you wish to donate, please email If you require an invoice for your donation add to your email. The mailing address for donations is:
Esterhazy & District Charity Golf Classic
PO Box 820
Esterhazy, Sk. S0A 0X0
If you have any questions, please contact one of the following members of the Charity
Thank you for your consideration
Don Hood
Chair – Esterhazy & District Charity Golf


Public Update on Esterhazy Healthcare including integrated Hospital Care Home

Update on Esterhazy Healthcare including integrated Hospital & Care Home August 2021

In 2009 St. Anthony’s Hospital Foundation and Charity Golf started fundraising for an integrated hospital and Care Home facility, not just a hospital.

The existing hospital was built in 1966 and the Care Home in 1967 and both are in poor condition. The provincial formula for building new health care facilities is that the community(s) pay 20% of the cost plus equipment and furnishings; however, if a community raises the 20% it does not commit the government to proceeding with the project. While some people think that the project will never proceed, they are wrong.

Esterhazy is, and will continue to be, an exception in rural Saskatchewan. As rural Saskatchewan continues to decline in population, Esterhazy and surrounding communities, will not. We need the government to commit their 80% of the funding.

The support of the community, local governments, Mosaic and corporate sponsors has been tremendous. While we cannot be sure without a detailed architectural plan what the total cost of the project will be we have taken the 2011 study numbers and attempted to allow for inflation. The number we are using for the community share is $10 million. To date, the fund sits at $10.25 million made up of 25% cash and the remaining 75% is commitments to be paid when the government proceeds with the project. When the government proceeds with the project the community(s) will need to raise  additional funds for equipment and furnishings estimated at $3 million. The total estimated community share for building, equipment and furnishings is $13 million.

There are huge problems in providing for health care in rural Saskatchewan.
There are problems in attracting and retaining health care professionals in rural Saskatchewan. The competition to recruit and retain health care professionals, especially doctors, is intense. Without doctors our whole hospital system collapses.

Our new doctors that come to Esterhazy are already in Canada and were doctors in other countries. To become licensed to practice in Canada they are required to enter a qualification program. In Saskatchewan, this program is called the Saskatchewan International Physician Practice assessment. They write exams and demonstrate their
abilities to qualified Saskatchewan physicians and, if they pass, are placed in communities like Esterhazy. They commit to stay for 3 years. Most of these new doctors come from major Canadian cities and, unless we can find ways to make them welcome in our community, after 3 years they will return to the cities. Esterhazy’s 5th doctor arrives in early September. Doctors work their normal daytime schedule and
then are on call for evenings and weekends. With five doctors they will be on call every 5th day and every 5th weekend which allows them to have a life other than work.

Other health care professionals are also hard to attract and retain in rural Saskatchewan. This includes nurses, lab personnel and X-ray Techs. Many rural
Saskatchewan towns are struggling to maintain emergency services. We need to find a solution in Esterhazy. The decision was made to purchase four houses for two reasons:

1) to attract doctors to our community and, hopefully, encourage them to stay and purchase the house and,

2) investment purposes. The building fund cash is invested in GICs which, in the last few years, has paid about 1%. The houses are currently rented to doctors. With the rent the doctors pay on the houses the return on our money is about 4%. When the government proceeds with the project we will take out mortgages on the houses to free up the money.

Since Charity Golf began in 2001 they have contributed about $1.3 million to equipment and upgrades at the hospital and Care Home in addition to their $3 million commitment to the new facility. When donating to the hospital and Care Home, Charity Golf focuses on items that can be transferred to the new facility. If we need to spend money on the existing facilities we will find a way to do it. With Covid, the Charity Golf event which is the largest healthcare fund raiser, has not been held for the past two years. In 2020 and 2021 Charity Golf has canvassed for funding for capital for the hospital and Care Home. This year’ request is posted on Facebook. The items noted total $66,000 (which includes an ECG machine) plus the initiation of funding request to replace the X-ray in 2023/24 ($500,000).

To improve communication with the communities and, hopefully get some
donations, St. Anthony’s Hospital Foundation and Charity Golf are building a website
– We expect to have the website operation within the
next 2-3 months.

The community has been very supportive to fund raising and recognizing the value of the doctors, nurses, technicians and other workers at the hospital and care home especially during the stress of Covid. You are doing, and can do, a lot to make Esterhazy a welcoming community where people want to work in health care.

On Behalf of St. Anthony’s Hospital Foundation and Esterhazy & District
Charity Golf

Hospital & Care Home Building Fund
Hospital & Care Home Building Fund 
as at October 31, 2021 
Cash Donations 
Corporate Donations1,583,667
Private Donations482,075
Municipal contributions407,400
Organizations’ donations43,401
St. Anthony’s Gala Fundraiser90,806
Esterhazy Car Show 2011 & 12 & 1542,687
Mosaic/St.Anthonys Fund Raising Committee19,906
RCMP Musical Ride11,700
Total Cash Donations2,681,642
Municipal 4,484,000
Esterhazy & District Charity Golf 2,837,000
Corporate 106,000
Total Commitments7,427,000
Total Cash & Commitments10,108,642
St. Anthony's Hospital Foundation - Balance Sheet
St. Anthony’s Hospital Foundation 
Balance Sheet as at October 31, 2021 
North Valley Credit Union 301,581
National Bank-GICs 1,452,493
RBC Dominion Securities-GICs 527,500
Investments – rental properties 1,574,321
Other assets  17,895
Total Assets  3,873,790
Directed Donations – Building fund 2,681,642
Directed donations – Other 77,846
Total Directed Donations 2,759,488
Esterhazy & District Charity Golf - Balance Sheet
Esterhazy & District Charity Golf  
Balance Sheet as at November 8, 2021 
Cash & Investments(GICs) 3,043,821
Commitment-Building Fund 2,837,000
Available funds  206,821
Outstanding commitments  
Lab Integration system (2nd pymt)67,000 
Lab microscope 13,000 
ECG machine 17,000 
Total 97,000 


November 18, 2022 Three new X-ray/Lab Techs arrive in Esterhazy

Three new X-ray/Lab Techs arrive in Esterhazy

St. Anthony’s Hospital welcomes three new x-ray/lab techs to the hospital.
Shelby Bexson, Salina Tuleta and Ann-Marie Stewart will all start orientation in
November to work at the hospital. Their official designation is CLXT which means they
are qualified for both lab tests and x-ray. These additions will bring the department close
to full complement. The shortage of personnel in these areas has resulted in a lot of
pressure on those doing this work, especially emergency coverage for nights and
weekends. We owe a great deal of gratitude to the people that kept the system going as
well as it did. For the patients, the personnel shortages resulted in longer wait times for
tests and the need to schedule appointments and the shutdown of emergency services
when personnel was not available. It has been a difficult time for everyone. The hospital
will keep the scheduling of appointments for x-ray/lab tests as people appear to like the
idea of having a scheduled time. The hospital will be better able to offer and handle
“short notice” appointments with an almost full complement of personnel.
Thank you to St. Anthony’s Hospital Foundation. The Foundation was
instrumental in recruiting the three directly from their school training.
As we know, health care is under extreme pressure all across Canada. As we
wait hopefully for a new hospital and care home in Esterhazy, the communities
recognise the need to support our existing facilities and health care personnel.

August 29, 2022 EHF Newsletter

Charity Golf Classic Update

With September right around the corner, the annual Charity Golf Classic is usually ramping up planning for the golf tournament and banquet. The Charity Golf executive has decided again this year not to hold the golf tournament and banquet but is still fundraising for much needed equipment in the hospital and care home.

There are a few reasons for the executives decision. One being that the banquet is a large part of the golf tournament day and the committee isn’t quite comfortable hosting it this year. Most importantly though, everyone is hoping for an announcement for next year’s provincial budget so that the process for planning a new hospital and care home can begin.

Charity Golf needs help to support the level of capital expenditures that the hospital and care home require. Last year Charity Golf raised $160,000. The majority of those funds went to the Lab Information System that we featured in our first newsletter. Upcoming projects for the hospital include:

Our share of a new x-ray machine: $300,000

Security system: $45,000

Blood storage fridge: $17,000

The care home requires a few projects as well, including:

Tub chair lift: $12,000

Ceiling track lift (2): $26,000

These items can all be moved to a new facility, with the x-ray equipment being installed in 2 years. These projects add up to $400,000. Charity Golf needs your help to donate and raise funds for these very important projects.

There are a few different ways you can donate to Charity Golf.

  1. Follow this link to the donations page on the Esterhazy Health Foundations website.
  2. Email for more information.
  3. Mail any donations to:
    Esterhazy & District Charity Golf Classic
    PO Box 820
    Esterhazy, SK S0A 0X0

If you have any further questions regarding Charity Golf, or anything else regarding the Esterhazy Health Foundations, please email

Thank you for your consideration and support for this very important cause in our community.

July 29, 2022 EHF Newsletter

Esterhazy was given the opportunity to present our case for the next steps towards a new integrated hospital and care home earlier this month. We were given the chance to show key members of the Saskatchewan government and the Saskatchewan Health Authority exactly what we have to offer in our community and region, as well as the challenges we face with an aging health facility.

On July 13, Esterhazy Health Foundations welcomed the Honourable Everett Hindley, Minister of Mental Health and Addictions, Seniors and Rural and Remote Health, as well as Elias Nelson, Chief of Staff to Minister Hindley. Representation from Saskatchewan Health Authority included Derek Miller as Interim COO of SHA and Brenda Schwan, VP Integrated Rural Health and Dr. Johann Roodt, Physician Executive for Integrated Rural Health. Representing the ministry was Sheldon Brandt, Manager of Infrastructure for the Ministry of Health and Miranda Brown, Director of Health System and Policy Innovation. Our local MLA Warren Kaeding organized and led the tour along with Don Hood and Don Bernath representing the Esterhazy Health Foundations. This was very unique, as it is difficult to get all of those key people in one room on a good day, never mind in July.

Group of Miners underground at Mosaic k3 Mine

The group started the day with a tour underground at Mosaic K3. This is the first time that representatives from the government have been underground at Mosaic with the focus being on healthcare. They were able to tour around underground and see how different mining potash is from other industries in Saskatchewan.

Photo of Murray Pask giving a presentation to health officials in saskatchewan

The health officials spent the early part of the afternoon at Mosaic house hearing presentations from key areas of our region. Mosaic gave a presentation highlighting where potash is headed and how it impacts our area in the long term. Murray Pask gave an informative presentation on the history of farming in our area, how it has evolved and also where the industry is heading in the future. Don Hood and Don Bernath discussed all the hard work that the Health Foundation has put into bringing the hospital to fruition and the challenges of not having an announcement, the bulk of their presentation highlighted how unique potash country is compared to other areas of the province. The presentations were wrapped up with Tammy MacDonald, Economic Development Officer, speaking on behalf of the Town of Esterhazy and the Economic Development Committee. Her presentation focused on Esterhazy as a region, the multitude of trades and industry in our community, the different demographics and finally some impactful stories within our community of the benefit of having the hospital here and available to residents not just in town, but surrounding communities.

The day was wrapped up with a tour of St Anthony’s Hospital and the Centennial Care Home. The health officials were shown the deficiencies in our hospital and care home as well as the desperate need for upgrade in our facilities. The tour highlighted the challenges not only for current staff but for attracting and retaining future staff.

group of health officials board members standing in from on mosaic district medical building

This was an incredibly full day for the health officials. All of the presenters put forth a massive amount of information, presenting a strong case for the need for a new integrated hospital and care home in Esterhazy. The next step is to now wait for budget time in 2023 where funding is allocated, with hopes that Esterhazy would be granted funding for the planning stage of the new health facility. What the Esterhazy Health Foundations needs from the community is continuing support for the new health facility. Whether that may be in monetary donations, signing up for our newsletter, checking out our website, or following us on social media, these things all help to show your support for a service that is vital to our community.

July 4, 2022 EHF Newsletter

Charity Golf has been hard at work over the past 21 years putting funds into healthcare in Esterhazy. This newsletter is to let the community know where the funds are being placed and how they are benefiting the community as a whole. At the present time, a newsletter will not be released regularly, but as projects are happening. If you would like to be the first to know the latest news from Charity Golf, go to our website and fill out the ‘Subscribe to our Newsletter’ form to be added to our email list.

The first addition of the newsletter will focus on a new and exciting system called the Lab Information System, or LIS, and Esterhazy is now one of the hospitals in our province to have it. At this time there are still 10 to 12 hospitals in Saskatchewan who don’t have this system.

In a digital world, it probably seems surprising that prior to October 2021 in order to share your lab results with a specialist you would have to get your results faxed to the specialist office. Because of LIS, all lab work that is done at St. Anthony’s Hospital in Esterhazy, is now automatically uploaded to eHealth. Which means your doctor or specialist can now pull up your lab work automatically. No more faxing. No more waiting.

The Lab Information System connects to all the equipment in the lab and then seamlessly passes that information on to eHealth. This saves the lab time because they are no longer having to produce paper copies that then need to be faxed since it is all done automatically. This also means that you can see your lab results as soon as they are processed in the lab. If you don’t have eHealth you can head to MySaskHealthRecord to sign up for a free eHealth account where you can see lab and imaging results, immunization records, prescriptions history and clinic visits.

We are all used to easily sharing information, but with healthcare privacy and security being top priority, as well as the ability to ‘talk’ to other systems, this system comes at a price. Thanks to Charity Golf donors, the $140,000 Lab Information System was put in place significantly quicker than other hospitals in the province. This system can be easily moved to the new hospital as this is the focus of any new equipment that is purchased now. It must be moveable in order to be transferred to the new facility in the future.

This is a very exciting and valuable resource to have in our community. This will help to attract new healthcare workers to Esterhazy since they will be working with a new system, not an outdated process.

Once again, if you have found this newsletter on social media or it was forwarded to you from a friend, please go to our website to add your email to our email list. If you have any questions please respond to and your question may be the topic of the next newsletter.

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